One Thing Your Senior Living Website Is Missing

senior living lead generator

99.99% of senior living and retirement community websites are listing the same information. Levels of living or services, about us, a blog, our history, and contact information is essentially the extent of each website’s information. 


But we know one thing you can add to your website that will encourage website users to engage with you; in turn, you’ll get more leads. 


The answer? A lead generator.


What is a lead generator?

It’s simply a piece of content that produces leads. You may be thinking, “I offer a blog on my website. Isn’t that my lead generator?” Well, be honest: how many leads or tours has your blog produced? That’s probably a difficult number for you to figure out.


We believe blog posts and articles are great for SEO, but they’re not the best at producing leads. How many people sign up for your company’s newsletter or blog post updates on your website? Probably not many. But don’t drop your blog posts just yet. They’re critically important to SEO and nurturing leads. We’ll speak more about that later.


When we say your website needs a lead generator, here’s what we mean: on your home page, you need a piece of content that requires users to submit a form before they download the content. By requiring them to submit a form with their basic contact information, this means two things for you: (1) you receive their contact information and have a new lead, and (2) you need an irresistible piece of content.


What are some examples of lead generators?

To answer this question, put yourself in the shoes of the adult child looking for a safe, caring place for their parent. What kind of information would they deem so valuable that they would give you their first name and email address so that they could have it?


Let’s look at some examples. Would something like, “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Community,” catch your eye? Of course, it would. Or perhaps something like, “50 Questions to Ask A Community During Your Next Tour,” would also get your attention.


Here is how you can create the perfect lead generator for your community. Look at your adult child’s pain points in the customer journey. When you find a pain point, produce a piece of content that solves that pain point. It’s as simple as that. 


If you want to have a better website than your competitors, add a lead generator. You’ll get leads that they’re missing. 


Ready to produce an amazing lead generator that will convert more website users and book more ours? Click here to get started.