10 Free Tools for Senior Living Marketers

facebook marketing senior living

As a marketer, you probably have a lot of items on your plate and a very busy schedule. You need tools that make your job easier. 

As a senior living agency that partly focuses on digital marketing, we know the best tools. Here are our ten favorites:


1. Canva

You no longer need to be a graphic designer to create stunning designs. Canva makes creating beautiful graphics fast, easy, and, most importantly, free. You can pay for a paid account that gives you access to extra icons and images. But honestly, the free version gives you way more than you need. They have preset dimensions for just about everything: Facebook ads, flyers, blog images, etc.


2. Google Trends

This is a great tool to check once a month. You can search for what people are searching for and determine what’s popular. You can look at the trends nationally or locally. 


3. Google Alerts

We highly recommend setting up Google alerts for your community and competitors. With alerts set up, you can be notified whenever your community name is mentioned. Google Alerts is the best way to keep track of what’s important.


4. Bitly

Have you ever posted a link to Facebook from your Facebook? Chances are, it’s long and ugly. That’s where Bitly comes in. Bitly can take ugly URLs and turn them into shorter, more-clickable URLs. 


5. Hootsuite

Managing posts on multiple channels is time consuming. Fortunately, a free account on Hootsuite gets you: three social profiles, 30 Scheduled Messages, and one user. With that plan, you can schedule out a month’s worth of social media posts!


6. SEMRush

SEMRush is a powerful SEO tool. With a free account, you can track your competitor’s keywords, figure out how much traffic you’re missing out, and check out your domain strength. There’s a lot of information you can get for free so reach out if you need help navigating it. 


7. Mailchimp

The nice thing about Mailchimp is that it integrates with everything. You can connect it to your website, CRM, automation software, and more. Plus, a free account lets you send up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 email sends per month.


8. PNG->JPG, PDF Compressor

This might be my favorite tool on the list. Sometimes, an advertiser needs an image in a particular format. If they need a JPG and you have a PNG, you can get your image transformed to the correct format in about five seconds. 

If you’ve ever tried to send a PDF that was too big, you know how annoying that can be. With PDF Compressor, you can upload a large PDF and download a smaller version. 


9. PageSpeed Insights

I can’t say this enough — your website speed is crucial. A slow website equals lost leads. Check out your website speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It will give you a report on everything that’s slowing down your website. 


10. CoScheduler Email Subject Line Analyzer

If you want to increase the open rate on your emails, analyze your email subject lines with CoScheduler. CoScheduler will break down your subject line word-by-word and give you tips on how to improve it. 

Well, there you go. My top 10 favorite tools on the internet. If you have one that I missed, please let me know!