Appointment Booking Calendar

CareConnector has simplified the appointment booking process for families who are eager to visit with you about taking care of their loved one. With ease, families can select the most convenient day and time for them, based on the available times on your calendar.To try the calendar, select a day and time, put in your contact info, and we’ll send you a sample text and email.

Lead Form & Follow-Up​

If a website visitor isn’t ready to schedule a tour, we still want to turn them into a lead. In order to do that, we need to offer them something valuable. For most families, they are curious if they can afford your help or not, so offering pricing as a PDF download is the best option.

To try the lead form and follow-up, fill out this form, and we’ll send you a sample follow-up email and text. (

Video Testimonials​

In order to encourage families to connect with you and your team, you have to build trust. And while it’s great that you are proud of your team and all that you do, the best way to build trust and authority with prospective families is to hear how awesome you are from families just like them. People believe what others say about your services rather than what you say about your services. We make it easy to let your clients tell the rest of the world how awesome you’ve been for them and their family.

Video Widget with
Live Chat

Transforming cold website visitors into warm leads and prospects can be a daunting task. With the CareConnector video chat widget, you can easily engage with potential customers and build an instant connection of trust by offering live, two-way communication.

This direct line of two-way communication is a fantastic way to answer any questions and provide the information that potential customers need to make an informed decision. The CareConnector chat widget is also extremely customizable to offer unique calls to actions, color schemes, etc.

To try the tool, click on the video widget and select “live chat” to begin asking questions.